I believe in being your whole self and owning what makes you yourself. Now you might say the internet is a fairly public place for laying out your life, but if you don’t do anything truly stupid then you don’t have anything worth hiding.

I believe in being well rounded. Like Clark Kent, I spend the vast majority of my days working and thinking and doing very normal things. I spend a lot of desk time at a computer so to balance I try to spend my free time letting my brain get some fresh air of inspiration or new challenges and giving my feet some room to move around and explore.

I believe in being efficient and organized.  Some might say borderline obsessive, but just because I methodically and systematically eat dinner off the plate to leave the least amount of mess and waste behind and I count how many times I wave my hands in front of the Dyson hand dryer in the bathroom doesn’t mean I can’t relax and go with the flow too.

I believe in being good at heart.  I have love and family in my life and I’m happy with the way things are working out through this chapter.  Certainly not perfect, but definitely decent.  Mainly I try to be my best and to not cause any undue pain to myself or others. My parents brought me up pretty well and I don’t want to disappoint them or embarrass myself.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to visit my website.  I have no idea what brought you here, but I hope I rose to the challenge.

I am pleased to have a nice corner of web space to call my own thanks to the skills of Department of Reason.