I walk.  It’s the way I run errands in my neighborhood, the way I clear my head, the way I exercise, the way I get to work, and a sure-fire way to get me to relax enough to open up and talk freely.

Sometimes I like to challenge myself to walk quite far, my longest walk was the 26.2 mile Flying Pig marathon on 2012.  I wear a FitBit every day to track my steps online and have racked up over 2000 miles on it in 18 months.  I am good at landmark wayfinding and exploration, but bad at directions and knowing precisely where I am and how to get home from there so I also use a Spot personal GPS tracker that will help me be found by my sometimes worried contact back at basecamp.

There is no better way to tour around a new city, people watch, be a part of the bustle, or learn what is new in your neighborhood than to get your feet on the street.

About Brianne

Probably the only Brianne you know.