If good clothes open all doors, then good costumes surely open all the secret portals into imagination and play.

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I’ve always loved coming up with Halloween costume ideas and throwing Murder Mystery Dinner theme parties.  I like being someone else for a while.  Also, it is crazy fun to take a day off from being yourself and become a hardcore Medieval Knight or a Stormtrooper or a French Maid or Katniss Everdeen. More importantly, I find that my loves of shows/movies and my desire to learn how to create things myself can power up together in this pursuit.  If I cared about true history I might focus on actual reenactments, but since I love fictional entertainment my thoughts are open to the costuming possibilities in the world of Pop Culture and SciFi.

Looks like lunch is ready so I’m going to go put on a top hat, suspenders, and an ascot and go channel my inner Downton Abbey luncheon guest.

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